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I've been following Pico 8 games for a while now, and I noticed that the genre that has the hardest time converting to Pico is platformers. That being said, this is definitely one of the better Pico platformers I've played! The controls are a little slippery, but for a Sonic parody, that's alright!
My biggest problem was the camera. When you went too fast, the camera would take a while to catch up, and it kinda made running fast more of a problem than a mechanic, yaknow?
It was also pretty dang short, but I personally enjoy short games.

This game's pretty rad! It's super satisfying to bank the ball around and just barely make it in the glass! I wish the controls were a little better explained though, it took me a bit to understand that I can just drag anywhere, I thought it had to be on the ball. Other than that though, this game's real cool.

This game's pretty cool! I love the mix of like fun little tycoon smoothie making, and the slight panic and fear of having the customers rage!
I can't help but feel the game is like,, almost uncanny though lmao. Like, just the mix of the cutesy visuals and music, with the fact that you can literally murder your worker fruit to put them in a smoothie makes this game feel really nice and happy, but unbelievably creepy too, like Can Your Pet.
It feels like something I would have downloaded on WildTangent or something back in the day. I absolutely love it.

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I'm really diggin the break in this! I like how the track is like,, kinda insane?? but you can still tell what's going on!

MAN that beginning was SUPER strong! Fantastic track!!

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There is not enough Space Channel 5 in this world

Heyo, I'm Cath! I'm musician and game developer from Michigan!
I read all of my comments and DMs, even if I don't respond to them. Feel free to chat with me!
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