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funny ass vid

Koogai responds:

Thank u cthrn!! your music is awesome also can't believe you saw this :O

heres the mf CONTENT!!!!!! ZabuJard showing these bitches whats UP

rest in peace spongy boy......

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BAHAHA I was NOT expecting to see RAD RAT AND FL1PPY IN THIS LOL!!! Cool game though! The controls take a little while to used to, and sometimes the collision seems a little wonky? But some good fun regardless! Can't wait to see this out of beta!

Muruigames responds:

Thanks!, the collision bugs are due to being a port but when the game gets finished i'll try to fix the port bugs
(here's the original game: https://muruigames.itch.io/srams)

I absolutely love your colour series of games. I've lurked them for a while now, and Green is just as great as ever!! Great work, man.

This a pretty decent online Tetris clone!
The rotation feels a little off, it's pretty obvious it's not the exact same rotation from modern Tetris games. I also know know if I just had insane RNG, or if there's no normal L piece and no inverted S piece. There's inverted L and normal S, but I couldn't seem to get their flipped counterparts?
But again, pretty alright for an online Tetris. I dig the minimalist style. It kinda reminds me of like weird Flash games I would come across at like 1 in the morning as a kid. Especially the sound effects. That's not a bad thing, I personally like it. Though I can understand why other people would dislike that.

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Aw man, this is some great stuff. Reminds me a lot of the releases on Acid Medical, or of original vaporwave stuff. I'll def be checking out the rest of your album.

NoStereo responds:

Awesome! Thanks a lot, not all the songs are quite as chill though :) It's a bit of a variety LP

Great stuff, Mich!! Always happy to see you post more of your work on here

Mich responds:

Thank you!

Oh MAN this is pretty!! I love how glossy and... crystal-y (?) everything sounds

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masterbob066 responds:

it took me about 2 times longer than usual cuz i actually put alot of effort

who is this man

masterbob066 responds:

what man there are 2 man

im cath! she/they
musician & programmer
big rhythm game nerd (IIDX SP 八段 / 8DAN)
currently working on projects i will never finish & trying my hardest
i read all my comments/dms, even if i dont respond. i am just very socially awkward and forgetful

Catherine @cthrn



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