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This a pretty decent online Tetris clone!
The rotation feels a little off, it's pretty obvious it's not the exact same rotation from modern Tetris games. I also know know if I just had insane RNG, or if there's no normal L piece and no inverted S piece. There's inverted L and normal S, but I couldn't seem to get their flipped counterparts?
But again, pretty alright for an online Tetris. I dig the minimalist style. It kinda reminds me of like weird Flash games I would come across at like 1 in the morning as a kid. Especially the sound effects. That's not a bad thing, I personally like it. Though I can understand why other people would dislike that.

Moving with the mouse feels really broken, but other than that it's pretty entertaining!
I dig the particles and sound effects!

mrpeteleerzd5officia responds:

Thank you for your response! Flex Games and us, both being single developers, realized about the weird scroll thing. We have absolute no idea how to fix this issue since our windows, linux, and even android version are fine and do not have this problem whatsoever. We have tried it out here and are well aware of the issue. If you would like to play the Windows, Linux, or Android version without the problem, you can download the game from the link in the description.

I've been following Pico 8 games for a while now, and I noticed that the genre that has the hardest time converting to Pico is platformers. That being said, this is definitely one of the better Pico platformers I've played! The controls are a little slippery, but for a Sonic parody, that's alright!
My biggest problem was the camera. When you went too fast, the camera would take a while to catch up, and it kinda made running fast more of a problem than a mechanic, yaknow?
It was also pretty dang short, but I personally enjoy short games.

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5 years later and this song still bangs so hard

I'm really diggin the break in this! I like how the track is like,, kinda insane?? but you can still tell what's going on!

MAN that beginning was SUPER strong! Fantastic track!!

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masterbob066 responds:

it took me about 2 times longer than usual cuz i actually put alot of effort

who is this man

masterbob066 responds:

what man there are 2 man

There is not enough Space Channel 5 in this world

Heyo, I'm Cath! I'm a musician and game developer from Michigan!
I read all of my comments and DMs, even if I don't respond to them. Feel free to chat with me!
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